How we make real flower case

Jul 17 2018

I do not purchase dried /pressed flowers from mass production or any artificial died color you can find in market. I personally planted, picked, dried every petal and foliage, that is why my shop has more varieties and what you see in the photo will be the case you will get. Each case is the ONLY ONE in the universe!. 

The flowers are placed on the back of the phone case and sealed with layers of resin after the resin cures. Flowers are completely covered with resin and normally the surface of the case is flat. However, bumpiness on the case surface due to the thickness of flowers is normal and expected. This should not affect the look and functionality of your case. Also, due to each phone case being handmade, there may be minor imperfections such as small air bubbles . 

Decorate and Protect Your Phone with Real Natural Pressed Flowers on a Clear Case! Receive many compliments from friends and family on your beautiful and gorgeous phone case!

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